Friday, January 23, 2009

Updated backlog manager tool in Excel

I have updated the Backlog Manager tool now, it's a bit simplified compared to last time. Changes since previous version:

- It works in Microsoft Excel 2003 now (previously only worked in 2007).
- You may now freely delete and insert rows in the backlog without risking that the list gets screwed up (due to missing formulas and such).
- There are no hidden columns or weird formulas in the Excel.
- The Card Generator no longer uses the ID-column, but instead the Autofilter result, so you can now filter with full flexibility and the Card Generator will generate cards for the visible rows only.
- The New Story dialog is simplied and looks better :-)
- The index card template looks better and is somewhat simplified.
- Some redundant columns were removed (simplify ftw! :-))

I have updated the old post from September last year so it links to the new version of the Backlog Manager tool / Excel instead.

Anyway, you can find it here too:

Good luck!


  1. Hi I tried you macro's BacklogManager-v8.xls

    1) When I use SORT....

    Run-time error '438':

    Object doesn't support this property or method.

    ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Product backlog").Sort.SortFields.Clear

    2) When I use New
    The new story is written one row below the first empty row all the time, meaning that that story will then be overwritten by the next new one.

    I use:
    [Office 2003, Macro language Visual Basic 6.3]

  2. Hey why don't you guys just use It's not that hard to set up and is pretty much like the excel sheets i used to use.

  3. Found a bug in the story counting function that caused the New button to work incorrectly as described above by Johan Malm. The new version is uploaded and replaces the old file with the same name.

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