Friday, September 30, 2011

Agile testing: Start of article series

Wow. It's sure been quiet on my part for a while now. I guess that is what happens when you have kids; priorities in life change. With a 1.5 year old at home and a full-time job I've found myself having virtually no time to spare to write these posts about Agile development and Scrum.

However, I was recently asked by a colleague to come to the Q3 meeting of SAST Öresund (Swedish Association for Software Testing: and hold a 45-minute presentation on the topic of Agile Testing (under the theme "Agile methods in practise"). This was the first time in a while that I've had the chance, and the challenge, to really focus my thoughts around an agile topic and had do an in-depth analysis of my own opinions and experiences.

The presentation was quite interesting and great fun to do, and from what I could tell the interest from the audience was quite high.

So. In the name of openness I figured that I'd share on this blog the topics I brought up in the presentation. I'll post this as an article series and do a bit more elaboration on each topic than what is possible in a brief concentrated 1-hour seminar.

So keep on popping by this blog from time to time, as I'll be posting articles in this series here as often as I have time.

And as always, feel free to drop me a comment with your opinions and own experiences, it's always interesting to hear what other people think.


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